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Sails Coffee Shop

  • Well positioned seating area with warm lighting and some natural light.
  • Confortable and intimate seating.
  • Close proximity to bar and bistro.
  • Close to amenities.
  • Seats upto 40  people.
  • Quiet Keno, Tab & Sports viewing on three TV screens.
  • Amazing freshwater Fish Tank.


  • Six TV screens showing a variety of sporting, racing and Keno channels.
  • Close proximity to bar.
  • Confectionary and sports vending machine.
  • Plenty of natural light.
  • Close to amenities.
  • Seats over 200 people.
  • Chilled or boiling water available.

Outdoor Terrace

  • Kids Playground.
  • Smoking permitted section.
  • Comfortable seating.
  • Two TV screens available to watch Keno and Sporting events.
  • Partial Cover.


  • Seats 220 people.
  • Large Dance floor and stage.
  • Has entry to outdoor terrace.
  • Plenty of natural light.


  • Outdoor Smoking Area.
  • Bar.
  • One staffed Tab terminal (Two on Saturdays).
  • Two self-serve Easy Betting terminals.
  • Comfortable seating for 55 people.
  • Convenient floorplan allowing easy access to TV Sheets and tickets.
  • Sky1 Audio.
  • 3 Sportsbet computers.
  • 30 TV screens - including Two Sky1 Big screens, two dedicated sports (FOX) channels, indoor/outdooe Keno screens and three Trackside channels.
  • Keno facilities.
  • Close to amenities.

Legends Bar

  • Comfortable seating for 150 people.
  • Large projector TV screen, great for sports viewing.
  • Six TV screens - including three dedicated Fox sports channels and two Keno TV's.
  • Tab wall - Seven Tab channels, wallsheets.
  • Staffed Tab terminal located in cashier (except Saturday). 

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